spider lily


emil sinclair, 20, any pronouns
trans bi aroace, nd + disabled
psychology major, sociology + philosophy minor

media interests:
limbus company, classic lit, project sekai, vocal synths, ocs,
maimaimaigoen, pokemon, fnaf, old flash games

non-media interests:
cetaceans/whales, hanakotoba/floriography
linguistics, social science, vexillology, botany, religion/eschatology, lolita/j-fashion

art, character analysis, fashion/coordinating
collecting bad food images, reading

other info:

i am an irl of mizuki akiyama (prsk) + andromedako (nayutan's music) + emil sinclair (lcb)

i self-ship! ..with exactly one character! anyways ishmael (lcb) is my dearest ! :] you should join the amiamael fanclub it's free