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amiamael fanclub homepage

so your first question may be "hey, sinclair, what the fuck is amiamael?"
glad (and sorry) you asked.

^ THIS IS AMIAMAEL BABEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay but actual explanation ig, amiamael is the (fan-dubbed? idk my friend said it once) ship name between me/my lcb self-insert (amia) and ishmael. i just refer to it when i talk about my self-ship stuff :]

also before you ask no i don't know how the hell this started. something in me snapped seeing shi association ishmael's card (+ roseate desire ego but shhh) and it went downhill from there so fast.
she is also my gf and my wife at the same time. don't ask how it works. it depends on the day.

^ this may have been the start though

..oh? to join the fanclub? oh it's free you just join it. lol. nothing required. you don't have to do anything either you can just say ur part of the fanclub. though uh.. if you want something to show it i suppose this works?

(blinkie made in 5 seconds with blinkies.cafe)